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C Hospital is a software company for the Hospitals to manage their day to day work as well as facilitates a strong reporting system. C Hospital Systems is a Customizable, Comprehensive and Integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations. Hospitals, It can be used by Healthcare Facilities, Multi-Specialty Clinics and Medical Practitioners. Multi-Location facilities allows your Hospitals, Satellite Clinics, and Stores to be interconnected.Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation. The customizable alert system sends the text, IM and email reminders and improves the quality of patient care. Electronic medical record -EMR Systems helps to be aware of revenue stream, patient records and other key metrics at your fingertips. Our EHR Software allows electronic sharing of patient records with other providers and medical applications and manage the overall health of patients such as Patient and Providers can see lab results and history online, securely chat with providers, schedule next appointment. Our EHR software is user-friendly and with no error that is usually associated with handwriting. Pulling up server or cloud information is now easily done with new technological computer systems, yielding an optimal performance. Patients can find doctors and book online appointment based on the specialty, rating, fees and availability. Organizing doctor schedules, collating patient notes, and handling payment are effortless. Doctors and Patients can check schedule on mobile phones and live less chaotic lives. It is developed based on the best practices around the world.


Medical College Features

C Hospital has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Gradebooks, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events and many more. It has a fully-fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll and employee pay slips. The Finance module helps you to plan and allot different fee structures to students.


Auto Email ,Msgs and video lectures system

C Hospital is also an excellent collaboration tool using its Task, Discussion, Poll, Blog and Video conference plugins. There is an internal messaging system within Pakistan but you can also integrate it with external communication tools like email and texting.

C Hospital Management System (HMS) has following Features

  • Help Desk
  • Web based Patient Registration
  • Pharmacy
  • General Store & Inventory
  • Laboratory
  • InPatient & Out Management
  • Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Report Center
  • Doctor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll

Customisable Dashboards

Customizable and dashlet driven dashboard of C Hospital is user friendly and easy to learn for all kind of institutions Module dashlets gives you a glimpse of day to day updates like Fees collected, Students or Employees absent, birthdays, , gallery photos, etc.
Administrator or the privileged employee can publish latest news and updates for the day which will be visible for all the C Smart School users on their dashboard
Reporting manager employee can see the leave applications of the employees/reportees and approve/reject it instantly

Medical College Student Admission

C Hospital College admission process automates the various steps involved in admission of students, including registration, subjects assignment, document submission, advance fee submission, and batch allotment
The student admission number is also the username that a student will use to log in to C Smart School.
Immediate contact can be set as any relation of the student and emails and sms can be directed accordingly Using Biometric integration, students attendance will be automatically marked
Students can be divided based on categories and any additional information can be saved for the students Custom reports can be generated which can include any profile information of the student

Medical Student Information

The administration can view the student details based on the batches /sections
Student Profile can be checked for fees, assigned activities daily remarks, attendance, etc.Archived/Graduated students can be searched for fetching records Administrator can filter the data based on the search criteria and generate required student reports.

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