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Our Development Process

In software development, as in other scalable projects, small projects are easier — they are easier to plan for, define, estimate and work on, etc. It’s also much easier to track goals in small projects and to see how well those goals are met. Our software development process essentially takes a project, no matter how large, and breaks it down into smaller projects that are well defined and efficiently managed. This process gives our clients the chance to evaluate the progress, value, and usefulness of their application in incremental stages, thus helping the project stay on budget, on schedule, and on point.


Development Process Allows for Early Changes on a Project Based on Early User Feedback

When incremental tasks are completed successfully and stacked upon themselves, they yield successful projects. The milestones we use in our development process have built-in tools that help validate progress, business objectives, and success. We document what we will give our clients, and the test plan developed for each mini project allows clients and other stakeholders to cross-check our work.


Account Manager's Summary of Our Process

We start each project with a Planning Milestone. This initial step consists of getting a general understanding of the scope of the entire project, and a specific, detailed understanding of the first 1-2 months (or milestones) of work.

Successful custom software development projects evolve and the development process itself must embrace and manage that transformation. A process that is too rigid will miss the end target and inevitably require expensive, time-consuming rework, while a process that is too loose will eventually lose direction, burn unnecessary budget, and never be implemented successfully. C Technologies utilizes a milestone-driven approach based on proven agile development principles.

Milestones promote:

  • A focused and efficient use of budget
  • Visible and verifiable progress
  • Frequent opportunities to make refinements
  • Cooperative prioritization of work
  • Successful results

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